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You Don’t Have to Remove Your Toilets to get Property Tax Relief in Cook County

Instead of removing appliances to make a home seem uninhabitable, there are legal ways to lower a property’s assessment which may, in turn, reduce taxes. During the campaign season, much has been made of the alleged scandal involving our Goveneror […]

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Cook County Residents Are in Shock As Assessments Arrive in the Mail

For the 2018 property tax assessment year, homeowners in Humboldt Park, on Chicago’s West Side, have seen the taxable value of their homes go up 40 percent since 2016. This tracks with the rise in taxable values of homes in […]

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The Tax Burden Is Shifting: Accuracy Is More Important than Ever

The unintended consequences of the trio of property tax breaks pushed through by state lawmakers in 2017 are now getting felt by South suburban Chicago. These tax breaks were supposed to ease the burden, especially on senior citizens, of Chicago […]

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Will the New Assessment Model Be More Accurate?

After years of inaccurate assessments, which was publicly outed by the Chicago Tribune in a series called “The Tax Divide,” the Cook County Assessor’s Office is using a new assessment formula. However, the jury is still out on whether this […]

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Reassessment Notices Are in the Mail

About 144,000 single-family and 4,000 condo homeowners in Lake Township received reassessment notices from the Cook County Assessor’s office in August. These reassessments are based on a new assessment model created through a collaboration with the Cook County Assessor’s Office, […]

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Property Tax Hikes Strike Small Apartment Building Owners

Tax hikes are hitting small apartment building owners as properties within the city of Chicago were reassessed this year, which, in turn, will impact renters. According to a spot survey by The Home Front, assessment increased 40 to 112 percent […]

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Increased Property Tax Exemptions Lead to Refunds for Thousands in Cook County

Property tax time in Cook County usually brings dire news of property tax hikes for homeowners opening the mail, but for about 53,000 homeowners, this year could bring a payday. Approximately $19.5 million will be returned to homeowners because of […]

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Skyrocketing Assessments Are Hitting Property Owners Hard: People Are Pushing for Change

Skyrocketing assessments are hitting property owners hard in Cook County this year and people are pushing for change. Cook County is divided into three sections for property tax purposes, and home values are reassessed on a triennial system within those […]

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What Is the Equalization Factor ?

The equalization factor is a multiplier used to ensure that the total equalized value, or EAV, of real estate property in all Illinois counties equals 33 1/3 percent of the fair market value. This process is known as inter-county equalization. […]

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A Higher Tax Rate Magnifies the Impact of Inaccurate Assessments

Since 2009, Cook County has increased its tax rate from 4.6 percent to 7.1 percent, magnifying the impact of inaccurate assessments on which property taxes are based. Property owners may be stuck with the higher tax rate, but they can […]

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