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Chicago Property Owners Foot the Bill (Again)

On average, business and residential property owners can expect their property taxes to increase by 10 percent this year after Gov. Rauner signed a school-funding measure into law in 2017. The law changed the formula that is used to fund […]

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Property Description Errors Could Raise Your Tax Bill

It is important for Cook County property owners to carefully review their property descriptions because some types of errors may lead to higher property taxes. Residential property owners are fortunate; they have the ability to see mistakes in their property […]

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Do You Qualify for Property Tax Exemptions in Cook County?

People in Cook County may be eligible for property tax exemptions that could substantially reduce their tax bills. Individual’s exemptions are based on the characteristics of the property owners, including homeowners, senior citizens, certain veterans, disabled people, long-term occupants or […]

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