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Property Tax System Results in Inaccuracies By Nature

Property tax bills use a computer modeling system to assess property values in Cook County, and years of inaccurate assessments, many of which have not been appealed, have led to unnecessary high taxes for many property owners. Because property tax […]

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Millions of Dollars to Be Saved By Chicago’s Property Owners

Property tax bills aren’t written in stone and can be appealed if the property owners feel the value assessed on the property is too high. This holds true for residential properties and commercial and industrial properties as well. It is […]

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An Analysis: The Civic Consulting Alliance’s review of Cook County’s residential real estate assessment processes and outcomes RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY ASSESSMENT IN COOK COUNTY Summary of Analytical Findings

There has been much discussion this political season about a major study which reviewed the quality of residential property assessments in Cook County. The Civic Consulting Alliance, a not-for-profit public-private collaborative consulting group, was retained by the Cook County Assessor’s […]

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Are Your Property Taxes Breaking the Bank?

Property owners experience sticker shock every three years in Cook County when they receive their readjusted tax bill in the mail, and another round of property tax hikes will continue to jolt residents and business owners in 2018. City of […]

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