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Inaccurate Property Tax Valuations Impact Your Entire Community

Inaccurate property tax assessments can have a substantial impact on an entire community, sometimes leading to overpriced property listings for buyers and sellers, unfair distribution of the tax burden in Cook County, and higher tax costs that are often passed […]

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Are You Paying More Than Your Fair Share in Chicago Property Taxes?

Many Cook County property owners are paying more than their fair share in property taxes because of inaccurate assessments. Erroneous assumptions about property condition, commercial, industrial or residential usage, and how properties compare to other, similar properties in the area […]

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Why People in Chicago Don’t Get Their Property Taxes Lowered

Although most property tax appeals are successful, there are a few reasons people do not get their property taxes lowered. The arrival of property tax bills in Cook County brings about angst, anger, and anxiety, but property owners who miss […]

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