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Berrios Is Out: How Will Cook County Taxpayers Be Affected?

Fritz Kaegi’s victory over current Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios in the Democratic primary included a message of reform to an office that has long been in need. But overcoming the entrenched bureaucracy to overhaul the county’s property tax system […]

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Why Aren’t Cook County Commercial and Industrial Property Tax Assessments Changing?

For years, Cook County tax assessments have been riddled with errors, so each new assessment has just compounded the issue for both commercial and industrial property owners. Property owners must appeal their taxes to seek relief and should remain vigilant […]

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How Commercial Property Is Assessed In Cook County

The Cook County Assessor’s office values commercial properties using several factors, including how many parcels a property contains, the location, the vacancy rates, and the property’s use. If a building owner doesn’t agree with the assessment, the property owner can […]

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Can You Get Property Tax Relief Based on Vacancy?

If a home or commercial building has been vacant for more than a month, it’s possible to get a property tax reduction. Although there are some similarities in the approach to appealing for vacancy on a residential and commercial property, […]

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