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Skyrocketing Assessments Are Hitting Property Owners Hard: People Are Pushing for Change

Skyrocketing assessments are hitting property owners hard in Cook County this year and people are pushing for change. Cook County is divided into three sections for property tax purposes, and home values are reassessed on a triennial system within those […]

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What Is the Equalization Factor ?

The equalization factor is a multiplier used to ensure that the total equalized value, or EAV, of real estate property in all Illinois counties equals 33 1/3 percent of the fair market value. This process is known as inter-county equalization. […]

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A Higher Tax Rate Magnifies the Impact of Inaccurate Assessments

Since 2009, Cook County has increased its tax rate from 4.6 percent to 7.1 percent, magnifying the impact of inaccurate assessments on which property taxes are based. Property owners may be stuck with the higher tax rate, but they can […]

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