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Pappas: $86 Million in Overpayments, $44 Million in Unclaimed Exemptions

As the Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas tried to educate people ahead of the annual May sell-off of delinquent taxes, she also pushed for people to claim the dollars out there in both overpayments and unclaimed exemptions. Property Owners Might […]

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Cook County Valuations Leaving Property Owners Speechless

After years of low commercial property tax assessments in Cook County, small business owners are surprised by the increase in their assessments this year. In Evanston, one of the northern suburbs receiving their property assessments this year as part of […]

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Income Reporting: Making the Assessment More Accurate?

What should be good news—that, according to the Association of Foreign Real Estate Professionals survey this year, 71 percent of respondents said they wanted to increase their investment in commercial real estate in the United States—was actually bad news for […]

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