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Property Tax Appeal FAQ: Here’s What You Need to Know

Understanding the answers to property tax FAQs can help lessen the tax burden for Cook County home and business owners. What Are Property Taxes? Also referred to as “ad valorem” taxes, property taxes are based on the value of property […]

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How to Find Your Property Index Number (PIN)

To find a Property Index Number (PIN), owners can look at their deed, tax bill, or other documentation from when the real estate was purchased. For those who are unable to locate these documents, the Cook County Assessor’s website is […]

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If You Live in One of These Areas, Your Taxes Are About to Skyrocket

Single-family homeowners on the North Side and central portion of Chicago are about to see their property taxes skyrocket, with some seeing increases of more than 11 percent. When Cook County Clerk Karen Yarbrough released her final calculations on new […]

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