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The Truth about the Upcoming Tax Rate Assistance in your tax planning calculations

You probably have read some of the numerous media reports regarding the drastic increases in assessed values for both residential and commercial/industrial properties in Northern Cook County.  Assessor Fritz Kaegi is seemingly unconcerned about a resulting tax increase to properties. […]

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How the Foreclosure Crisis Played a Role in the Rise of Your Property Tax Bill

Predatory lending practices by mortgage giant Bank of America could be partially to blame for the foreclosure crisis that caused property tax bills to spike in Cook County. How the Foreclosure Prevented Property Tax Collections In the wake of the […]

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Unfair Property Tax Assessments Burden Commercial and Residential Landlords in Cook County

Many landlords for commercial and residential properties in Cook County are burdened by unfair property tax assessments that prevent them from adequately servicing their tenants. While Kaegi’s recent push to improve the accuracy of the county’s assessment process through transparency […]

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Here’s How Your Property Tax Bill Is Calculated

The dollars collected from property taxes are used to fund a number of state and local services, including education, transportation, emergency, parks, and libraries. How those dollars are calculated involves a variety of entities and a lot of math. How […]

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Get Prepared Cook County Property Owners: Your Tax Bill Is Ready

Cook County first installment property tax bills which are due on March 3, 2020, are now available online. This year’s first installment bill was calculated at 55% of last year’s total bill. To find the property’s tax bill on the […]

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Year in Review: Cook County Property Tax Assessment Reform

It has been one year since Fritz Kaegi took over the Cook County Assessor’s office, and since then, he has instituted reforms, including transparency and uniformity in estimating the fair market value of each property. Commercial Property Assessments See Big […]

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