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How Property Taxes Are Crushing Illinois Businesses?

High property taxes have been discussed for years as the reason why Illinois residents are fleeing the state. And reports are showing the monetary shortfall from commercial building sales as well. Investors Look Elsewhere for Property High property taxes are […]

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How Are Commercial Properties Valued in Illinois

Illinois property taxes are a labyrinth of numbers. For commercial properties, especially, it is often unclear how the value is assessed to arrive at the property tax amount. There are a number of considerations the Cook County Assessor’s department uses […]

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What is the Cook County Property Tax “COVID-19 Adjustment”?

In order to help Cook County property owners during this global pandemic, Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi’s office has applied a “COVID-19” adjustment to property values. How Residential Properties Will be Adjusted The Assessor’s Office’s actions come on the heels […]

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