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Cook County Real Estate Taxes Are Out of Control

Cook County’s Treasurer Maria Pappas unveiled a report recently that shows that Cook County property taxes have doubled over the past two decades. Suburban Properties Take Biggest Hit “The Pappas Study” is an examination of the tax bills on 1.7 […]

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Are You a Senior Who Is Having Trouble Paying Property Taxes?

Cook County senior citizens who are unable to pay the full amount of property tax bills can apply to be in the Senior Citizen Real Estate Tax Deferral Program offered by the Cook County Treasurer’s office. Qualifying for the Program The Senior […]

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Guide to Cook County Property Taxes

Calculating property taxes is a multifaceted process requiring input from multiple offices and many steps. Here’s a look at how the amount of property tax owed is calculated. Who Calculates Property Taxes There are five main entities involved in the preparation of […]

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