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Real Estate Tax Prorations in Cook County

In Illinois, real estate taxes are paid for the year that just passed. The 2021 property tax bill is covering money owed for 2020. When a property is sold, the seller must pay the potential taxes owed the following year […]

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Remodeling Can Raise Your Property Tax in Cook County

Remodeling a house might cost more than just the final price bill paid to the remodeling company. It could also cause an increase in the property tax bill. Cost Vs. Value Any time a house is updated through a remodeling […]

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Here’s What Happens if You Don’t Pay Your Property Taxes

When the property tax bill comes in the mail, taxpayers often ask, ‘What if I don’t pay this?’ And they pay—because there will be consequences. But what, exactly, are those consequences? What Is a Property Lien? When property taxes go […]

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2021 Property Tax Predictions

City services are funded in a variety of ways, but two of the largest sources of income are property taxes and tax revenue from the businesses operating there. COVID-19 decreased the revenue provided from businesses impacting by the pandemic, so […]

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