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Cook County Property Tax Appeal Attorneys

We care about your property—and your property taxes—as much as you do.

At the Law Offices of Gary H. Smith, a division of Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit, each case is given individual focus. Factors that affect one appeal may be completely different than an appeal for a similar-looking property.

In a typical year, our office handles more than 2,000 property tax appeals from business owners, commercial property managers, industrial property owners, condominium associations, apartment building owners and owners of single-family homes in Chicago, Cook County and the Chicago area.

Based in the Chicago Loop, Gary H. Smith and Anthony Lewis have extensive experience representing all types of property taxpayers in Cook County in their property tax appeals. The firm is proud to provide the same competent representation to the smaller and mid-sized properties as was long provided the largest properties.

You can lower your property taxes by reducing your assessment

The firm routinely receives substantial assessment reductions for its clients from every appeal forum. The firm carefully reviews all cases, and files to all forums appropriate for the particular property. While the payment of taxes may be inevitable, our attorneys believe each taxpayer should only pay his or her fair share.

The firm handles most commercial, industrial, apartments, and residential assessment matters on a contingent fee basis. This means that there will be no fee unless we successfully obtain an assessment reduction.

Our Property Tax Appeal Attorneys

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