Appeal Your Property Taxes and Pay Your Fair Share

We all know that we have to pay taxes. Without taxes, our neighborhoods would have poor schools, lackluster libraries and inadequate fire protection. Our quality of life would diminish, and our communities would no longer be communities where we want to be.

But we also have a strong sense of fairness. You and I are in the same boat. I don’t want to pay more taxes than my fair share — and I don’t want you to pay more than your fair share either.

Government provides services and these services have a cost. You can debate whether the costs are too high, but the real question — as a homeowner, a business operator or a professional with an office — is how much do you have to pay? And how much should you have to pay compared to the property owner across the street?

The ideal is for everyone to pay the lowest possible amount required to provide the level of government services that we all need.

For years and years, the biggest property owners could affect how much they were paying because they had access to large law firms with specialized information and outsized influence. The access was not evenly distributed; the ability to fight the system was not readily available to all.

It has been my driving passion since starting my practice to bring that same high quality of representation and access to information to everyone else. For the large property owner or small, I have argued the same arguments and extended the same highest quality of representation as “the big boys.”

My work has helped to create a more fair and proper distribution of tax burdens in Chicago and Cook County so that my clients weren’t paying more than their fair share.

With greater knowledge of how the system works, I believe everyone can get a more fair tax bill.

Every client who comes through my office — regardless of his or her resources — gets the same quality of my attention because I’m interested in the fairness of the tax system.

I’m here to help you reduce your property taxes. Call or email me today for a free consultation.

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