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Cook County Real Estate Taxes Are Out of Control

Cook County’s Treasurer Maria Pappas unveiled a report recently that shows that Cook County property taxes have doubled over the past two decades. Suburban Properties Take Biggest Hit “The Pappas Study” is an examination of the tax bills on 1.7 […]

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Are You One of 8,500 Cook County Homeowners Due a Property Tax Refund?

According to the Cook County Treasurer’s Office, more than 8,500 homeowners overpaid on the first installment of their property taxes and are set to receive $12.8 million in refunds. And they do not need to file an application to receive […]

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Gary H. Smith Addresses Cook County Assessor’s Re-Opening of Appeals Calendar

View video below to understand the danger of re-opening the appeals calendar Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi has recklessly re-opened his appeals calendar, and as a result, many taxpayers will find themselves in the uncomfortable position of potentially increasing their […]

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Commercial Landlords: Brace for Big Tax Hikes

In Cook County, the property tax burden has shifted to commercial and industrial properties and away from homeowners. The new Cook County assessor, Fritz Kaegi, began the process of reassessing properties in Cook County when he took office in January. […]

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Cook County Property Tax Break: Good News for Seniors

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker recently signed into law House Bill 833, which amends the property tax code to automatically renew the Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption in Cook County once it’s been granted. This bill passed both the House and Senate […]

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Property Tax Discounts for Affordable Housing Could Impact You

The Illinois General Assembly is considering two pieces of legislation that would limit the amount of property tax levied on affordable housing. This could increase property taxes across the board. What Each Bill Would Do The pending bill is Senate […]

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Do You Own What the Appraiser’s Office Thinks You Own?

In Cook County, the Assessor’s office oversees more than 1.3 million residential parcels, divided into three assessment districts. One of those districts is re-assessed every year using a computer-assisted mass appraisal method. How Mass Appraisal Works Computer-assisted mass appraisal works […]

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If You Live in One of These Areas, Your Taxes Are About to Skyrocket

Single-family homeowners on the North Side and central portion of Chicago are about to see their property taxes skyrocket, with some seeing increases of more than 11 percent. When Cook County Clerk Karen Yarbrough released her final calculations on new […]

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Income Reporting: Making the Assessment More Accurate?

What should be good news—that, according to the Association of Foreign Real Estate Professionals survey this year, 71 percent of respondents said they wanted to increase their investment in commercial real estate in the United States—was actually bad news for […]

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Property Tax Assessments Soar in Evanston

Property owners in Evanston and the northern Cook County suburbs will be the first to feel the impact of the revised assessment process from new Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi. Commercial property owners are bracing themselves for a large increase […]

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