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Property Tax Bills Burden Hotels, Shopping Malls in Chicago

Commercial properties have been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and are struggling to keep up with real estate taxes. Hundred of Millions Still Owed on 2019 Taxes Nearly $200 million remains outstanding for 2019 property taxes, or about 6% […]

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Cook County Tax Burden Shifts to Businesses

Cook County’s triennial assessment system means that the south suburbs are being reassessed this year, raising concerns that although residential property tax bills could drop, the commercial real estate property taxes might be inversely impacted. This could stymie the decades-long […]

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Commercial Property Owners Struggling to Pay Taxes

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t only impacted the ability of homeowners to pay property taxes. It has also trickled down to commercial real estate property owners’ ability to pay their property taxes. Commercial Property Owners Struggle to Pay Taxes Commercial properties, including […]

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How Property Taxes Are Crushing Illinois Businesses?

High property taxes have been discussed for years as the reason why Illinois residents are fleeing the state. And reports are showing the monetary shortfall from commercial building sales as well. Investors Look Elsewhere for Property High property taxes are […]

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How Are Commercial Properties Valued in Illinois

Illinois property taxes are a labyrinth of numbers. For commercial properties, especially, it is often unclear how the value is assessed to arrive at the property tax amount. There are a number of considerations the Cook County Assessor’s department uses […]

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Property Tax Appeal FAQ: Here’s What You Need to Know

Understanding the answers to property tax FAQs can help lessen the tax burden for Cook County home and business owners. What Are Property Taxes? Also referred to as “ad valorem” taxes, property taxes are based on the value of property […]

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Tax Reductions When Building or Rehabbing an Industrial Facility in Cook County

An attorney can help property owners obtain a Class 6b tax incentive on industrial real estate from the Cook County Assessor’s Office. Call 312-236-7447.

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Industrial Plant Negotiations Yield Big Reduction in Property Tax Bill

Reducing the taxes on commercial/industrial properties in Illinois requires an attorney who can work with both the property owner and the county assessor.

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