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Did You Take Advantage of Property Tax Abatement? Your Next Tax Bill May Shock You

Even if a property is fully paid for, tax payments never end. However, some cities offer property tax abatement, also called real estate tax abatement, which can provide savings and help with the resale value of the home. What is Property Tax Abatement? In […]

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Industrial Plant Negotiations Yield Big Reduction in Property Tax Bill

Reducing the taxes on commercial/industrial properties in Illinois requires an attorney who can work with both the property owner and the county assessor.

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Appealing Your Taxes? Didn’t Receive Your Bill? You Must Still Pay Your Cook County Property Taxes!

There is a common misconception that if you are in the process of appealing your tax assessment, you can take a vacation from paying your current year tax bill. Sorry, you still must pay the bill.

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A Perfect Real Estate Tax Storm is Brewing in Cook County

By Gary H. SmithChicago and Cook County Property Tax Appeal Attorney(Posted March 1, 2016) If the evening news in Chicago had a tax forecast — similar to a weather forecast — the map could look pretty scary. A perfect storm […]

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Why Should You Appeal Your Cook County Property Taxes?

The assessment is an estimate of the value of your property. Your property’s assessed valuation is only one of several factors that ultimately determine the amount of your tax bill.

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Appeal Your Property Taxes and Pay Your Fair Share

By Gary H. SmithChicago and Cook County Property Tax Appeal Attorney We all know that we have to pay taxes. Without taxes, our neighborhoods would have poor schools, lackluster libraries and inadequate fire protection. Our quality of life would diminish, […]

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