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Cook County Valuations Leaving Property Owners Speechless

After years of low commercial property tax assessments in Cook County, small business owners are surprised by the increase in their assessments this year. In Evanston, one of the northern suburbs receiving their property assessments this year as part of […]

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Kaegi’s New Method: Commercial Property Owners Could Be in for a Bumpy Ride

What should be good news—that according to the Association of Foreign Real Estate Professionals survey this year, 71 percent of respondents said they wanted to increase their investment in commercial real estate in the United States—was actually bad news for […]

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First Installment Tax BIlls: Here’s Why Your Exemptions or the Impact of Your Appeal May Not Be Showing Up

Property tax bills in Cook County are delivered in two parts. The first installment is sent near the end of January and is due March 1. The second installments are usually sent at the end of summer, after the total […]

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You’re Doing It Wrong: Here’s the Right Way to Appeal Your Property Taxes in Illinois

As the government adds to the property tax burdens in Cook County, property owners—both residential and commercial—can ease that burden by appealing the property’s assessed value. How the Appeals Process Works When a property is misvalued in Cook County, it […]

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Are Commercial Property Owners in Cook County Getting Robbed?

Cook County commercial property owners are footing a large tax bill as Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s four-year property tax increase plan kicks into effect. That plan was intended to fund the city’s pension funds; however, it’s also having the unintended consequence […]

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Berrios Is Out: How Will Cook County Taxpayers Be Affected?

Fritz Kaegi’s victory over current Cook County Assessor Joseph Berrios in the Democratic primary included a message of reform to an office that has long been in need. But overcoming the entrenched bureaucracy to overhaul the county’s property tax system […]

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Why Aren’t Cook County Commercial and Industrial Property Tax Assessments Changing?

For years, Cook County tax assessments have been riddled with errors, so each new assessment has just compounded the issue for both commercial and industrial property owners. Property owners must appeal their taxes to seek relief and should remain vigilant […]

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Are You Paying More Than Your Fair Share in Chicago Property Taxes?

Many Cook County property owners are paying more than their fair share in property taxes because of inaccurate assessments. Erroneous assumptions about property condition, commercial, industrial or residential usage, and how properties compare to other, similar properties in the area […]

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Property Description Errors Could Raise Your Tax Bill

It is important for Cook County property owners to carefully review their property descriptions because some types of errors may lead to higher property taxes. Residential property owners are fortunate; they have the ability to see mistakes in their property […]

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You Have Nothing to Lose (and Everything to Gain) by Appealing Your Property Tax Assessment

Commercial and residential property owners in Illinois can save thousands of dollars by appealing their property tax assessments. Since Cook County does not raise assessments based on whether an appeal was filed and there is no cost to challenge an […]

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