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How Property Taxes Impact the Marketability of Your Home

High property taxes may be hurting the value and marketability of many homes in Chicago and the surrounding Cook County communities. On average, property taxes in the area have escalated more than four times the rate of inflation over the […]

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What is the Cook County Property Tax “COVID-19 Adjustment”?

In order to help Cook County property owners during this global pandemic, Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi’s office has applied a “COVID-19” adjustment to property values. How Residential Properties Will be Adjusted The Assessor’s Office’s actions come on the heels […]

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What New Homeowners Should Know About the Assessment Process

New homeowners rarely think about how the assessor’s office arrives at their taxes once they close on a home. But once the first tax bill comes in the mail, there might be some questions as to how that amount is […]

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Board of Review Is Correcting Kaegi’s Massive Assessed Values Increases on Commercial Properties

Under the Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi, commercial property values have soared and many commercial property owners feared a tax increase this year. However, the Board of Review has been correcting many of the over aggressively increased assessed values on […]

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New Detailed Assessment Reports in Palos: Here’s What You Should Know

Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi provided a report on the latest area to be reassessed, Palos Heights. The report provides information of the numbers of reassessment notices mailed as well as other details about the findings of the reassessment. Detailed Report […]

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Unfair Property Tax Assessments Burden Commercial and Residential Landlords in Cook County

Many landlords for commercial and residential properties in Cook County are burdened by unfair property tax assessments that prevent them from adequately servicing their tenants. While Kaegi’s recent push to improve the accuracy of the county’s assessment process through transparency […]

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Do You Need Help Understanding Your Assessment?

When the property tax bill comes each year, it’s hard to focus on any other number except for the amount owed, but it’s important for taxpayers to understand how the county arrives at that bottom-line amount. How an Assessment Is […]

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Here’s How Your Estimated Property Tax Bill Is Calculated

There is a lot of work behind the scenes that goes into how each property tax bill is calculated. For one portion of the county, this will be the first bill under the new assessment system introduced by Cook County […]

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Home Values Down, Property Taxes Up in Cook County

According to a report done by Illinois Policy Institute, “House Hunters: How high taxes hurt home investment in Illinois,” poor public policy has made buying a home in this state unattractive relative to the rest of the country. What the […]

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Inaccurate Assessments Could Halt Real Estate Recovery in Cook County

Cook County property tax reassessments have many property owners reeling from the higher valuations, leaving many homeowners still deep under water from 2007 recession. Homeowners Still Reeling From Great Recession Most Chicago-area homes are still worth less than they were […]

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