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Remodeling Can Raise Your Property Tax in Cook County

Remodeling a house might cost more than just the final price bill paid to the remodeling company. It could also cause an increase in the property tax bill. Cost Vs. Value Any time a house is updated through a remodeling […]

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Here’s What Happens if You Don’t Pay Your Property Taxes

When the property tax bill comes in the mail, taxpayers often ask, ‘What if I don’t pay this?’ And they pay—because there will be consequences. But what, exactly, are those consequences? What Is a Property Lien? When property taxes go […]

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The Illusion of Property Tax Relief: Here’s What to Look for in 2021

Although Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi sent COVID-19 adjustment letters to many Cook County property owners in late 2020, those might not have the impact property owners expect on their overall tax bill. COVID-19 Adjustments Might Not Equal Lower Tax […]

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Construction Defects May Impact Your Property Taxes

Construction defects not only impact a property owner because of the cost to repair the defect but also could have an impact on that property’s taxes. How a Construction Defect Could Impact Property Taxes A construction defect is a condition […]

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Are You a Senior Who Is Having Trouble Paying Property Taxes?

Cook County senior citizens who are unable to pay the full amount of property tax bills can apply to be in the Senior Citizen Real Estate Tax Deferral Program offered by the Cook County Treasurer’s office. Qualifying for the Program The Senior […]

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What Is Ad Valorem Tax?

Property taxes are considered ad valorem taxes. Ad valorem is the Latin phrase for “according to the value.” One important characteristic of an ad valorem tax is that it is proportional to the value of the underlying asset. This is different […]

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Will COVID-19 Impact the Value of Your Residential or Commercial Property?

The Cook County Assessor’s Office plans to provide a COVID-19 adjustment to property values for the 2020 property tax year, to be paid in 2021. Reassessments to Reflect Rental Income Loss Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi is undertaking the reassessment […]

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Did Your Commercial Property Value Drop Because of Civil Unrest in Chicago?

Looting, violence, and civil unrest in Chicago may cause commercial property values to plummet as people abandon the city, and business owners re-evaluate their properties. Will People Leave the City? Many offices in buildings throughout the Loop remain vacant as […]

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What You Should Know About Cook County’s 2019 Tax Rates

Cook County recently released its 2019 property tax rates, which are used to determine the tax bill. The numbers are often a mystery, but property owners should know what the numbers mean and how the money is being used. The […]

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Cook County Property Tax Bills Show Increases

The recent property reassessments in Cook County, under a new assessment process, have increased property values and the overall property tax bills. New Assessment Process Raises Overall Property Bills In 2019, when properties in the northern region of Cook County […]

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