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Cook County Property Taxes: Your Refund May Be On the Way

In August, Cook County taxpayers received about $24.6 million in property tax refunds, mostly due from property tax exemptions. Who Should Have Received Property Tax Refunds? Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas said nearly 25,000 homeowners received refunds, and their second-installment […]

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Pappas: $86 Million in Overpayments, $44 Million in Unclaimed Exemptions

As the Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas tried to educate people ahead of the annual May sell-off of delinquent taxes, she also pushed for people to claim the dollars out there in both overpayments and unclaimed exemptions. Property Owners Might […]

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High Property Taxes in Cook County? Don’t Move Just Yet

High Cook County property taxes make neighboring Indiana look attractive to homeowners who work in the city. After all, a $1.55 million house in Chesterton, Ind., has an annual property tax bill of $11,200. A similarly priced home in Glenview […]

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Effective Property Tax Rates for Cook County: Analyzing the Ten-Year Trend

The Civic Federation recently released its annual “Effective Property Tax Rates report,” which looks at the effective property tax rates for Chicago and 28 other selected municipalities in northeastern Illinois. This year’s report estimates the tax year 2016, which means […]

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Assessor Kaegi Completes Two Township Reassessments, and the Results are Large Assessment Increases for the Taxpayer

Assessor Kaegi was recently elected with a mandate from Cook County voters to “reform” the property tax assessment system. He campaigned on enacting massive changes to the methods of reassessment, and to the entire tax system. He spoke about assessment […]

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Check Your Mail: $8.3 Million in Property Tax Refunds Are on the Way

It is not often that money just shows up in a person’s bank account, but with the assistance of technology, the Cook County Treasurer’s Office has refunded about $8.3 million to nearly 30,000 homeowners automatically, rather than have them fill […]

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Property Tax Levy Increases On the Way

A variety of Illinois communities are banking on property tax levies to finance school district budgets and general funds in the coming year. School districts in Northbrook and the Rock Island County Board are just some of the state entities […]

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Property Tax Burden: Illinois Second in the Nation

Illinois homeowners are burdened with a combination of tax woes that are causing them to think twice about staying put. Illinois has the second-highest property taxes, beat only by New Jersey. And homeowners have also been hit with the largest […]

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Property Tax Bills Due March 2019 Are Online Now for Cook County

Along with the changing of the calendar comes the posting online of property tax bills which will be due in March for Cook County. Why Would Owners Pay Tax Installments Early? Maria Pappas, Cook County treasurer, posted Cook County property […]

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Appealing Property Assessments Should Be Done Regularly

As Cook County residents get hit by the one-two punch of a new property tax assessment system coupled with rising real estate prices, they should consider appealing their property assessments to ensure that the taxes they pay align with the […]

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