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Cook County Residential Property Tax Appeal Lawyer

We have appealed the assessments of thousands of homes, saving property owners millions of dollars over the years. While every home is unique, there are some common factors that have caused us to be successful in more than 80 percent of the filings we’ve made on behalf of taxpayers in Cook County and the Chicago suburbs.

Lack of uniformity: How does the property compare to others in the neighborhood on a square-foot basis?

Recent purchase/sales price: Is the assessment higher than the purchase price, and most importantly, is there support for an argument that the purchase price was too high for the neighborhood?

Market value/appraisal: Because of recent changes in the levels of assessment, homeowners are now able to argue the value of their home based on market analysis. Gary H. Smith was a pioneer in Cook County in establishing the appeal of properties based on the appraisal value.

Damage/demolition: If the property has been seriously damaged or demolished, we can argue for a reduction in the assessment.

Incorrect classification or incorrect information about the property: Properties may be placed in categories that result in a higher assessment or have mistakes in the property description. We focus on the factors that make the greatest difference in the assessment, and thereby, your tax liability.

Exemptions: Is the property receiving all exemptions to which the owner is entitled?

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