Real Estate Tax Planning

Cook County Real Estate Tax Planning

Property taxes are generally the second-most expensive item of property ownership, behind only the financing burden of most properties. It is critical that taxpayers be able to reasonably anticipate year-to-year tax burdens of their properties.

Changes to the value of a property can have a dramatic effect on the tax burden. For example, reassessment, renovation, conversion, demolition or transfer could make your property tax bill unpredictable. We can help plan the impact of current and future property use.

We study these factors:
• Use of the property;
• Value and condition of the property;
• Location;
• Tax rate structure of the community;
• Anticipated reassessments, based on market trends and the assessor’s schedule; and
• Knowledge of assessment factors and their weighted value.

• Tax burden analysis
• Estimating real estate taxes
• Predicting taxes after improvements
• Property tax bill explanation
• Exemption analysis

Searching for property tax relief?

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